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Welcome to my Studio..

My portfolio of residential work includes apartments ranging from small urban studios and one-bedrooms, to large duplexes and private homes both in the city and suburbs.  My clients range from young singles to families with children and older adults. 

Regarding properties under construction, I am frequently commissioned by buyers to work with the project architect to redesign the property to suit the buyer’s particular taste.

I do varied commercial work including clinics, boutiques and small to medium-sized office spaces.

In addition, I have completed large projects involving accessibility for people with disabilities, a home for at-risk children, a center for service dogs, a pediatric clinic, a student dorm, and adult training centers.

Vocational Training reception
Dorm room back exit

Since completing my M.F.A. in design for theatre, film and  television, I have designed various stages for  theatre and performance art.

photo gal rosenman

I keep abreast of innovative work in the world of design. Studies in modern curating has further strengthened my love and understanding for art, as such I have put together a few art exhibitions.
Entering competitions gives me an opportunity to research, collect and present artworks in the process. 

Exhibition signage

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Opening Ceremony at the Migdal Or campus in Kiryat Haim
Architect: Gabi Zaguri
Interior Design: Ariella (Lally) Flint-Goor

Migdal Or opening ceremony

I had the pleasure of collaborating with Gabi Zaguri, architect, in planning the Migdal Or Campus in Kiryat Haim, a multi-service center for the blind and visually-impaired. The Rashi Foundation initiated and sponsered the project.

Coming soon....more images

Rebuilding, Renovation, Redesign and Redecoration of Or Center in Beer Sheba
Architect: Ze'ev Gur
Interior Design: Ariella (Lally) Flint- Goor

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